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We would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who has contributed to our documentary film project, A LOT LIKE YOU. We'd like to thank our funders and our amazing community for their belief in the importance of this project. We are blessed with friends and family who have generously supported our efforts with their time, their feedback, their humor, and their resources.

A LOT LIKE YOU (formerly Worlds Apart)
is co-sponsored by:


For so many reasons, this film would not have been possible without the generous support of my parents, Sadikiel and Young Kimaro. We owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude for hosting our 9-month stay in Tanzania during the shoot. And a special Thank You to my mother for procuring and traveling with all the Tanzanian artifacts for the From Tanzania With Love auction. And to my father for opening up and sharing his journey and his process of discovery with us all.

We are especially grateful to our friends, Connie Burk and Jake Fawcett. Connie took it upon herself to spearhead a fundraising campaign for this film. In addition to creating a development plan and outreach materials for A Lot Like You, she coordinated a fundraising auction in the Fall 2006 which netted ~$17,000!! We are forever indebted to Connie and Jake for their generous personal donation, as well as the funding they've helped secure for this project.

AABL/The NW Network of Bisexual, Trans, Lesbian & Gay Survivors of Abuse

We are tremendously indebted to our friends for their continued enthusiasm and generous support of A Lot Like You:
B.& K.Crocker
S.Kaplan & P.Carty
B.Burbank & E.C.Nelsen

Thank You to our friends and supporters:

T.& A. Kenney
D.& E. Quarnstrom
M. Stasiak
C.& D. White
M. Cousin
B. Ow Arhus
K. Traywick
L.A. Bailey
B. Westby
P. Ashford
S. Bransfield & B. Bones
B. Rosenbaum
H.S. Jun
R. David
H. Rendleman
S. Simmons
C.T. Yoophum
K.Y. Moravan
S.& B. Goren
M. Yeager
K. Donovan
E. Baer
J.& Y. Palka
A. Fam
J. Veatch
C. Reynolds
A. Bierria
L. Wallace
L. Leibold
L.& D. Leeb
N. Vasishth
J. Chen
J. Watson
J. Kirihara
J. Goodleaf

We are profoundly grateful to the following individuals/agencies who donated goods/services to our From Tanzania With Love fundraising auction:

Young Kimaro
Connie Burk
Matt Smith
Laura Lipsky
Deirdre & Eric Quarnstrom
Mawazo Gallery & Artcafe
Simply Frames & Miner Gallery
Viscosity Studio & Gallery
Intiman Theater
Empty Space Theater
Subpop Records
Northwest Outdoor Center
Tillicum Village
Spectrum Dance Theatre
Henry Art Gallery
Studio Evolve
Le Gourmand
The Majestic Bay Theatre
Tutta Bella
Columbia City Cinema
Café Flora
Landmark Theatres


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